Fabrication Services

  • Shop Fabrication Of Various Process Skids & Module Packages
  • Shop Fabrication of Pressure Vessels
  • Shop Fabrication of Piping Spools
  • Shop Fabrication of Heat Exchangers
  • Shop Fabrication of Structural Steel
  • Shop Blasting and Painting Works
  • Shop Fabricated Tanks
  • Site Mechanical Installation Of Structures
  • Site Mechanical Installation Of Piping Spools
  • Site Mechanical Installation Of Stating Equipments
  • Site Hydro Testing for Equipment & Piping
  • Site Erected Storage Tanks
  • Site blasting & Painting work
  • Brown Field Offshore & Onshore repair and refurbishment


Valves services

All Valves

  • Complete Onsite Valve Overhaul And Repair Services (Onshore and Offshore)
  • Full Pickup And Delivery Service For Shop Repair Valves
  • Specialist Refurbishment Program For :
  1. Pressure Relief Valves
  2. Control Valves
  3. Ball Valves & Butterfly Valves
  4. Conventional Mechanical LIne Valves
  5. MOV Repair
  6. Certification And Compliance With ISO 9001 & API Q1
  7. Fully Equipped Mobile Workshop For Onsite / Offshore Applications
  8. Procurement Of Valves /Spares and Parts If Required
  9. Machining, Welding And Heat Treating (Field And Shop)
  10. Onsite Machining Of R/F And Ring Grooves On Valves And Pipeline