Manufacturing Facilities – ARM

ARM, in over a decade has created and delivered reliable process equipment solutions by using evolving technologies for the utilities market. Its constant endeavor and goal to provide end-to-end heavy engineering solutions, that is cost effective, technically superior and long-lasting, makes it one of the most admired companies in its domain.

Fabrication Yard (Main Yard)
Total Area 43,000 m2
S.S. Fab. Shop (Covered) 1,300 m2
S.S. Fab. Area (Open) 2,400 m2
C.S. Fab. Shop (Covered) 2,500 m2
C.S. Fab. Area (Open) 14,400 m2
Valve &E &I Workshop 1000 m2
Blasting & Painting Shop 468 m2
Store (Covered) 750 m2
Open yard 14,082 m2
Storage yard 4,600 m2
Office 1,500 m2

Our Customers

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